Monday, June 7, 2010

The Blog comes back to life!

Hi guys!
So, we've not been too good at keeping the blog updated, but a friend gave us a great idea. We're hard at work on our follow-up to Civil War Tribute. Another great quilt design using Judie Rothermel's fantastic 1800s reproductions is underway. As we've worked to incorporate so many fabulous suggestions from folks who are working on Tribute, we wondered if folks would like to see what goes into a block of the month quilt design and pattern? We'll share some of the craziness that is our daily life, give you sneak peeks at some of the quilt & more. So, whaddya think? Are you in? We'd love to hear about things you'd like to see and we'd love to have your friends join us. Watch for more in the coming week!


Jacque Wright said...

I'd love to see some applique included in your next 1800s BOM - maybe even wool (my latest passion)!

Becky's Sewing and Alterations said...

I am making the Civil War Reproduction Quilt BOM and I am wondering what people are doing with the history lessons included in each block. I was thinking about putting them together into some kind of notebook to sit beside my bed (where the quilt will reside). Any ideas?

Becky's Sewing and Alterations said...

New subject - I have some baby clothes from the 1950's. They were my husband's baby clothes and I would like to try to incorporate them into a quilt design. Any ideas would be helpful.

Mar said...

Of course we'd like to know EVERYTHING. I'm thinking about starting that BOM, ... but I still have a lot to do with my Dear Jane.
Ps. Congratulations for your new webpage ;)

Sherrie said...

I love your BOMs. Your shop does the Best job of labeling all the pieces and giving generous cuts of fabric.