Monday, June 16, 2014

Marcus Fabrics Friends & Companions Sew-Along


We have big news to share! On August 1, the Marcus Fabrics Friends and Companions Sew-Along will begin and we're part of it!

Here are the details we can share now:

* The quilts is 60" square and features 8" blocks. Here's a sneak peek at the Marcus Fabrics we're using from Paula Barnes' Companions line:

* Fabric kits will be available so you can make the quilt just like ours. Pre-order your kit now and we'll ship it on July 18 so you are ready to start sewing on August 1.

* If you prefer to put together your own fabrics, here are the yardage requirements:

* For Blocks:

¼ yard cheddar print
½ yard light print #1
1/6 yard red print #1
¼ yard black print
1/6 yard blue print
⅓ yard olive green print

* For Quilt Setting and Borders:

1¾ yards red print #2 for outside border
1¼ yards black print for alternate block, inside border and binding.
1⅛ yards light print #2 for alternate block
1 yard olive green print for setting corners and triangles.

4 yards for backing

* There will be PRIZES each week!!

Ready for the schedule? Here's the line up starting August 1.

8/1     Pam Buda ~ Heartspun Quilts

8/8     Paula Barnes ~ Red Crinoline Quilts 


8/15   Sarah Maxwell ~ Homestead Hearth

8/22   Pati Violick ~ Marcus Fabrics 

8/29   Gloria Parsons ~ Olde Green Cupboard

9/5     Nancy Rink ~ Nancy Rink Designs


9/12   Mary Ellen Robison~Red Crinoline Quilts

9/19   Dolores Smith ~ Homestead Hearth  

9/26   Lisa Shepard ~ Marcus Fabrics 

10/3   Red Crinoline Quilts ~ Quilt Revealed! 

We hope you're excited about this Sew-Along and will join in. If you follow each of the blogs above by email, you'll get a reminder about the each week's post so you don't miss a thing. Remember, order your fabric kit today so you'll be ready to sew along! 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Back to blogging!

Hello everyone!

It's been (gasp!) almost 2 years since our last blog post, but I'm back!!

It's me, Sarah, taking back the reins of the Homestead Hearth blog. We have some exciting news to share in the coming weeks and I'm going to start chronicling some of my weekly sewing adventures.

Stay tuned!

And while you're waiting for next week's news, have you seen that you can come quilt with me and Dolores on a cruise in 2015? That's right, I'll be part of the Civil War Cruise organized by Stitchin' Heaven.

Happy stitching and hope to see you on the cruise.