Monday, August 29, 2011

Wish we all could be California girls...

We never tire of hearing the stories behind your visits to Homestead Hearth, and we are constantly surprised by the reasons you come to town.

Last week these two California gals (ignore the incorrect date stamp on the photo!) motored into Mexico on their way from St. Louis to home. Ginger (left) agreed to navigate while Bev (right) drove her newly purchased travel rig. The best part of their story? These two wanderers know one of our California BOM buddies, Jan, and were positive Jan would be jealous of their visit.

"Really?" we said. "Let's see."

While Ginger and Bev were shopping we snapped a photo, attached it to a cryptic email, and seven minutes later the phone rang.

"You guys will let anyone through the front doors, won't you?" our friend Jan laughed.

We passed the phone to Bev and Ginger, and the trio had a good chat before the California girls hit the road again.

It must have been the week for transporting vehicles. Later that day another customer told us she and her husband were driving a Jeep back in the opposite direction. They'd started in Oregon and were closing in on their home territory of Indiana. Thankfully they were able to squeeze in a bit of time to head our way.

"This is my first visit," our customer said, "but my husband has been here before. He was on the motorcycle that time, and he brought me back a collection of fat quarters."

She and her friends divvied up the loot (a fat 1/16th for each of them) and created a personal challenge. Her resulting Dresden Plate quilt is now on her bed--and the wallpaper on her phone!

Whether you are traveling via one of our BOM's like Gone to Texas...

are preserving historical travels like Grant's March...

or are physically on the road, don't be surprised when we ask you about your travels. The tales you tell brighten our day as we share glimpses of simpler times.

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