Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I thought I'd do more quilting when I retired from teaching. I thought I'd do more quilting when I started working for Dolores and Sarah at Homestead Hearth. Apparently I've spent WAAAYYYY too much time thinking and not enough time stitching. How do I know? Well, the third Civil War quilt, Civil War Journals, will be starting in just a few months and I haven't finished this year's offering yet.


In fact, here's the progress I've made on this year's quilt, Civil War Chronicles.

At least I know where all the blocks are--safely stowed in the very same bags they were packaged in!

When I signed up for the BOM I had the best of intentions. But when January disappeared and February arrived, I told myself ,"That's not so bad. Two months? You can easily catch up." When Valentine's Day slipped into St. Pat's and then Easter was quickly followed by Memorial Day I told myself, "You'll have plenty of time this summer." Now that summer is closing in on Labor Day, I took myself by the ear and said, "If you don't kick it into gear, Sister, you're never going to get this beauty done!"

The final straw came this past weekend when our Sunday School class issued a challenge to quit procrastinating. Each member wrote out a sticky note detailing one item she'd been putting off. As an added incentive the notes were hidden in our lesson book with the expectation we'd have made some progress by the time our lesson arrived on our chosen hiding place.

"I want the LAST page!" one of the members announced. "Now I'll HAVE to do this," another muttered as she placed her reminder after a chapter heading. "ACKK!!" I thought. "Now everyone will find out what a dawdler I've been!"

Peer pressure can be very motivating, so Monday morning I began...

As I expected, the hardest part was getting started. Once I had my tools assembled cutting everything out was a dream! The drawings were large enough that I didn't even need to hunt down my reading glasses, and the simplified sketches were just what this professional-grade Procrastinator needed.

Now that everything is out where I can see--and sew--it, Month #1 is well on its way. My goal is to keep chugging along on what I've begun, and start Month #2 next Monday, Month #3 the Monday after that, and so on. If I miss a Monday, no worries. I'll just push it back a week--and hope my sticky note is still a few chapters out.

Are you a procrastinator? Have you missed out on some of our programs because you delayed? We have had multiple phone calls from Stars and Sprigs fans who were thrilled to see a second offering of that popular BOM.


So, are you procrastinating? Need a kick start? Leave a comment detailing one of your long-avoided projects and let us help you get started enjoying your stitching and simpler times.


Sheila said...

What a great post! I'm going to try that method.

Homestead Hearth said...

Monday update: No further progress on Month #1. Perhaps blog-guilt will get me going? Check back next Monday to see...