Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some of our favorite guys...

We thought the snow had become nothing but a painful memory, but we were wrong. More snow showed up last Thursday, and if the almanac is to be believed there will be more snow for us in March. We'd share our thoughts concerning this forecast, but if we didn't choose our words carefully we'd have to pay the pig.

Thankfully the weather hasn't dampened the spirits of some of our favorite guys...

Travis and Gary always walk through our doors with smiles on their faces. Thanks guys, for keeping the fabric and supplies coming!

Two of our other favorite guys...

...took a little time out while we humans enjoyed our lunch. Harvey (right) had come home from college to visit, and Ollie was very thankful for the company. When these furry friends weren't busy greeting the public they found ways to help around the store. Ollie even gave Lori a hand--or paw--getting a quilt back on display.

You can't tell from these photos, but two other smiling faces stopped by for a visit. Thanks Glenna and Brian for sharing your wonderful work. We always enjoy seeing what you've been up to!

So when you're out and about come see us. Bring in your "snowed in" projects for a little show-and-tell and say "Howdy" to our hardworking friends as you make the journey to simpler times.

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