Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowed In, Snowed Out

Normally we would post a view from the store, but today you're seeing the world from Sue's front door. As you may have discovered we're not at the shop. Sorry to hear that? So are we, and it may be a day or two before we're able to answer any phone messages or emails. Why?

Blizzard Warnings

State of Emergency

National Guard called out

This morning the local news station showed photos of National Guard Hummers fueling up at neighborhood gas stations. That was all the confirmation we needed that today was a good day to close the store.

So what are we doing instead? Probably the same thing you're doing--sewing, eating, sewing, napping, sewing, snacking, sewing, checking email, sewing, flipping through magazines, sewing...

and enjoying the view from indoors where it's nice and warm.

Sadly, our animal friends are not as lucky. The squirrels have been frantically digging through the snow to find their acorn stashes, and the birds are emptying the feeders as quickly as we can fill them.

Hopefully, you had time to stock plenty of necessities before the blizzard reached your area. Around here the store shelves were pretty well picked over. Milk coolers were empty and bread racks were bare. But as we all know, quilters do not live by food alone.

The next time challenging weather is headed your way be sure to pick up plenty of needles, thread, and rotary blades along with a new pattern or magazine, a fist full of fat quarters, and an extra yard or two for binding that project you're bound to get done.

For the next day or two we'll be holed up at our sewing machines waiting for the roads to be cleared. You too? Why not share what you're working on? Leave comments and photos we can all enjoy.

When the storm slows down be sure to give us a call or check our website before hitching up your dogsled team to head our way. In the meantime, stay warm, stay safe, and enjoy a restful day enjoying simpler times.

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