Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Whatever the weather is like where you are, here in mid-Missouri we're getting a taste of spring. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, breezes are blowing, and quilters are hitting the road.

A few days ago a trio of quilters visited our shop as part of their yearly jaunt. As they browsed the fabric and patterns, they had a few minutes to chat.

"We go somewhere different every year, but we've had to make rules," one of them told us. "We can buy as much as we want on each trip, but we have to finish one of the projects we buy before the next year's trip."

One project? That sounded doable.

"And, since some of us are forgetful," explained her friend, "we've had to appoint a secretary."

Ah...now the truth comes out!

If you had to choose one project to finish before next March, what would it be? If you love scrappy quilts--Kansas Trouble style especially--you may want to sign up for our Collection of Scraps BOM.

Starting in April, this easy piecing beauty finishes 114" square. Find more details at http://www.homesteadhearth.com/a-collection-of-scraps.htm

Not comfortable with letting someone else choose your fabrics? Then why not pick a project of your own?

If you like variety--plus recipes to keep your crew fed while you stitch--A Year of Cozy Comforts may be just the book for you. Like to piece? Prefer to applique? Like to mix it up with cotton one time and wool the next? Check out Dawn's projects for every season.

You'll find our newest books listed here:

As you welcome spring, we hope you'll make us a part of your celebration. Come see us in person or visit online. It's always a joy to find others who appreciate simpler times.

P.S. You can always make a commitment to a "Finish by Next Year at This Time" project by commenting on this blog. If you don't finish on time, we won't tell. And if you do? We'll be happy dancing right along with you.

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