Saturday, July 16, 2011

One easy as falling off a horse.

They say any election can be won by one vote, and guess what? That's what happened here this week. In our last post we asked which of our new programs got your juices flowing the most. Christie managed to put "Are You Kidding Me?" into the winner's bracket with her single cheerful post. Thank you, Christie, for your BIG vote!
We got a few chuckles the first day this program became available. Our weekly email newsletter had barely hit the Inboxes when the phone rang. A customer on the other end of the line said she wanted to sign up for one of our programs.

"I'd be happy to help you," Lori responded. "Which program would you like to order?"
"Are You Kidding Me?" the caller responded.
"No," Lori said. "I just need to know which program you'd like so I can take your registration."
"Are You Kidding Me?" the caller repeated.
"No, I'm not kidding," Lori said. "I really do need the name of the program."
"That IS the name of the program," the caller responded. "It's called 'Are You Kidding Me?'"

Well, that may not be exactly what happened, but Lori and our customer certainly had a good laugh over the phone. A few days later we shared a laugh with a customer in person.

While the rest of the family roamed the store, one of the members took a seat next to my cutting table. We got to chatting about quilting and traveling, and before long she shared the purpose of their travels.

"We're in town for a wedding," she said with a smile.
"A wedding?" I said. "Family weddings are the best!"

Before long we were sharing stories, and a soon she confessed that her brood liked to sing old songs. She mentioned several familiar titles, but there was one tune I'd never heard of: I Can't Get Off of My Horse.

"Is that really a song?" I asked her.
"Sure is," she told me, and as she walked out the door she sang it to me.
And thanks to Google, I can share the lyrics with you!

I always wished that I could be a cowboy
A riding and a roping where the wind is free
But now I don’t want to be a cowboy
Cause look what's gone and happened to me

I can’t get off of my horse
All day and night I ride among the cattle
I can’t get off of my horse
Cause some dirty dog put glue on the saddle
On the saddle, on the saddle
Some no-good, ornery, thieving, cussing, cattle-rustling, dirty dog put glue on my saddle

Someday they'll bury me out on the prairie
Out among the sagebrush where the skies are blue
But when they dig a hole for me to rest in
They'd better dig it big enough for two

Stop by the store, send us an email, give us a call, or comment on this post. Share a chuckle, repeat a story, or sing us a song. We'd love to hear from you on our journeys to simpler times.

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