Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Where do you find your quilting inspiration? Books and magazines? Quilt shows and workshops? Visits to fabric stores and websites? What about a stroll around town?

This time of year many of our friends and neighbors celebrate their patriotism by flying the Stars and Stripes. Why not slip a little of the flag in your quilting? From sawtooth to feathered, stars are always a favorite, and who doesn’t love a quilt stitched from the red, white, and blue palette? Whether your creation is bright and bold, or pieced in grayed tones, the patriotic color-way is sure to be a winner.

Need a new challenge? Thinking about stepping out of your color box? Why not gather a little inspiration from Mother Nature? Summer is filled with flowers that fade with the seasons. Why not preserve those breath-taking color combinations in your quilts?

Do you have a quilt that is looking a little blah? Getting tired of the piecing the same old thing? Look closely and you’ll find a wonderland of embellishment assistance right under your nose.

Enjoy the accent of a bee on a blossom.

Savor the intertwining leaves and the texture of ripening blackberries.

Not ready for appliqué or venturing into the three-dimensional? The world around you still has plenty to challenge and inspire.

Ready to whip up something quick and straight-forward? What about building a quilt made of bricks? Stacked or staggered, they make a visual impact.

Whether you’re looking up…

Or down…

All roads lead to quilting…

and a summer full of simpler times.
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Happy July from Sue, Sarah, Dolores & the Homestead Hearth gang

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