Saturday, June 6, 2009

Signature Block Swap starting!

Have you ever participated in a block swap? Do you like signature quilts? Join us in our first signature block swap hosted by Homestead Hearth!

We thought it'd be a lot of fun to exchange signature blocks with our customers and to let them exchange with each other too. When we saw Jo Morton's new book, Vintage Journey, we knew it was time to make this all happen.

So, here's the scoop: It's really easy to participate. You need Jo's book. Then, you need to pick among the four aged muslins we have selected as backgrounds. To make the quilt as shown with 64 blocks, you need 1 yard total of background fabric. You can pick just one of our 4 choices, use two of them or use a 1/4 yard of all four. This aged muslin we have selected is not just regular muslin you might have at home. It's specially dyed and has an old, worn look, perfect for this quilt. Here's where you can buy it:

Be sure to note in the comments section or by a separate email how many blocks you hope to make so we can make sure everyone is in the same ballpark.

The prints for the blocks need to be Jo Morton 1800s reproduction prints you have purchased from Homestead Hearth. They can be old treasures or fabrics you purchase now.

What do we want in terms of signature? We'd love to know your name, city and state or country. The blocks are super easy so you can make lots in no time at all.

You need to mail your blocks to us by July 31. We plan to swap and mail back out on August 15.

Finishing kits to put your blocks together similar to the original quilt will be available from Homestead Hearth.

There's no charge to participate--just purchase your aged muslin from us and make sure to use fabrics you've bought from us. We will ship your blocks back to you using the US Postal Service and charge you for the return shipping or we can send them along with your finishing kit.

Feel free to discuss or ask questions in the comments.


Ann said...

What is an average number of blocks? Can you tell me a little more about the block so I 'll know if I have time to do this. Where do you get the book by Jo. Thanks

Mary said...

I just rec'd my book and fabric, so I'll answer Ann's question. The block is 3 1/2" unfinished, so 3" finished. You put 4 of the signature blocks together to make one larger block. The cutting is quite simple and goes very fast, I had a whole stack cut in no time at all. The sewing is also very easy and even being quite careful, I had a little stack sewn in just a few minutes. Truthfully, the hard part will be signing my name so it looks as nice as the rest of the block. I thought I'd make twelve, but I really want to make more (and have already) than that!

Nanasewingnurse said...

How are you getting the signature centered on the muslin, and are you signing before or after piecing the block?

katie said...

Happy to find another quilt shop in Missouri.
Hope to visit one day in nice weather.